Vinegar Weed Killer

A Few Different Types of Lawn Weed Killer You Can Purchase

If you have a home with a yard area, you might be investigating different products to use for your lawn care. In this category you will see several items created for use as a lawn weed killer product. This is an item designed specifically to destroy the weeds that often grow in yard areas. These are generally liquid chemical solutions you spray on the affected areas to kill the particular weed. A product such as Weed B Gon, has the ability to kill as many as 80 different types of weeds.

Some products may be designed for the most common types of weeds that can infiltrate your lawn, while others may be more extensive. Some common weeds are dandelions, chickweed and clover. There are also products designed to help prevent weeds from growing in a certain type of area such as a garden. This type of solution is used after planting, but before any new weeds have begun to take root. There are also some chemical solutions created to get rid of crab grass as well as weeds. These are combination products and are also available as easy to use sprays for the particular areas affected.

Lawn Weed Killer

You will find the various chemical products available in varying sizes of trigger spray bottles as well as larger pump bottles. In addition to Weed B Gon, some other products in the chemical category will include Preen, Kleen Up and Weed Beater. For people that are looking for an organic and safe way to care for their lawn and garden area, there are a few homemade recipes for natural weed killers. The homemade products often use a combination of vinegar and lemon juice to get rid of unwanted weeds and grasses in a yard. A manufactured product that contains these ingredients is Burn Out.

The natural products may be a little harder to find, but they are 100 percent safe for use around children and pets. The traditional chemical solutions will have a warning to keep pets and small children out of the area for a specified amount of time during use. All of the products, both natural and synthetic, are designed to start working in a matter of minutes. Burn Out reportedly takes effect within 20 minutes and Weed B Gon completely kills within 6 hours. Some products may require several applications to completely destroy the roots of the plants and may also need to be reapplied if it rains. 

Vinegar Weed Killer