Vinegar Weed Killer

Burnout Weed Killer - Natural Organic Weed Destroyer

People enjoy their lawn. This is no secret. Some of the most beautiful wild flowers are weeds. This is also no great secret. However, despite the beauty of some types of weeds they are considered a lawn care menace due to how quickly they grow. In the wild weeds are beautiful, but they are not so well received when they break through cracks in the drive way or try to overgrow a lawn.

Sometimes people resort to deadly chemicals that can harm not only the weeds, but the grass, and their pets as well. To prevent this issue many individuals have turned to natural, organic, alternatives. Boiling hot water is one method in this weed killing group. However, the best method to kill these weeds organically is a product known as Burnout. This weed killer is made of a proprietary blend of vinegar and lemon juices. This weed killer is a broad-spectrum type. This means it will pretty much kill anything plant-like that it comes in contact with in very short order. Typically after an application of this formula all of the weeds sprayed will be dead in less than eight hours.

Burnout Weed Killer

Burnout is an organic compound that works with great efficiency. It is safe for the surrounding plant life in general as well. The 'poison' does not spread beyond the area it is sprayed and it degrades rapidly. Unless it is sprayed directly on the surrounding grass it will not damage it. This makes it not only a safer alternative when there are small children and pets, but safer for the grass as well.

This particular weed killer is designed as a blend capable of killing weeds in a clean, efficient, manner. Unlike the noxious chemicals used by other companies it does not permanently damage the earth. It is rather inexpensive compared to some of the other products as well. For those that choose not to purchase weed killer a similar formula to this can be created by distilling or freezer evaporating regular vinegar then adding in lemon juice. This will probably not work quite as well as Burnout itself works. However, it is still an option for those who desire an organic solution to weeds outside of pulling them up by hand.

Burnout can be found in many organic sections at local stores. It is also a hot seller online at many garden and lawn care oriented websites. 

Vinegar Weed Killer