Vinegar Weed Killer

Broadleaf Weed Killer Tips

A beautiful lawn is one of the greatest prides of any family home. The desire for a beautiful, clean, and lush lawn is an age old tradition. From the smallest residence with a few square feet of lawn, to the giant manor home lawns, people love their grass. However, in almost every lawn there are weeds. Weeds detract from its beauty and over time they can overrun a lawn leaving it to look unloved and neglected.

Broad leafed weeds are one of the most prolific types to be found. Thankfully they are also one of the easiest types to remove without killing the grass. Some individuals find excellent 'green Earth' measures to fight their weeds. They use their all-natural remedies and the weeds die. Boiling water to a very high temperature then pouring it on the offensive plant life can kill weeds, for instance. This will also kill grass that soaks up the hot water. White vinegar is considered an excellent broad leaf weed killer to use on a hot day. However, stubborn weeds can resist these measures. Many people eventually abandon their attempts at Earth friendly weed removal once weeds become too resistant or prove invincible to such methods.

Broadleaf Weed Killer

If this should happen they will often turn to commercial poisons. The reason for this is simple. These poisons work. A non-selective poison such as round-up will kill broad leaf weeds with incredible ease. There are also granular weed killer types than can be poured over weeds. The granular types take longer than sprays. However, it is not a race. A spray can work incredibly fast. The problem with this is that an extremely fast acting weed killer is far more likely to damaged or kill the grass near the weeds as well.

Granular weed killers are best used as a preventative measure in the spring. This will allow the lawn to grow without weeds coming up. Should any weed sprouts actually begin to grow they will be few and far between. These can simply be pulled up during lawn-care maintenance.

It is important to remember that granular broad leaf weed killers should be applied a minimum of two days before it rains. Rain can wash away the granules and this will ruin the entire process. Weed killer in a spray form should never be applied on new grass or when it is very hot. This can kill the grass. 

Vinegar Weed Killer